New frontiers with Lux-Profile

Lux-Profile confers innovative characteristics and new functions to reinterpret the value.
The outstanding degree of customization achievable allows to make a product which is suitable to be perfectly integrated in every architectural context.
A window, an entrance, a building that could be lit by its own light opens up new horizons to environment interpretation: shows a new image, increases the value of the architectural context , draws the observer’s attention and has a positive effect on the emotional sphere.
The safety level that this project can provide is equally important.
Light and safety go hand in hand: statistically a lit environment implies a higher protection level, a deterrent for every kind of breaking and entering.
Lux-Profile is revolutionary within emergency exits: you can create an independent auxiliary circuit which, in case of  electrical plant black-out of the building, starts working clearly tracing frame and/or sash of the way of escape and, consequently, permitting an immediate stream.