Lux-Profile Technique

Lux-Profile allows to get the unique and distinguishing feature of the light, and even to customize the positioning of the lighting element. 
Lux-Profile comprehends versions both for outdoors and interior design, glazing versions or not-glazing versions.

In case of translucent finish, it can be planned for the entire surface of the sash and for finishing profiles, which can be backlit.

Internal and external side, as well as frame and sash, are independent so that you can build your masterpiece exactly as you imagine.

Lux-Profile is made up of an unvarying central kernel, with the possibility to have/apply cladding finishes in different materials (such as inox steel, bronze, brass, wood, Corian, etc.) between the internal and external side, and/or between the frame and the sash.  

The choice of Corian as translucent finish permits to enrich thanks to a valuable material naturally warm to the touch, inert, nontoxic and hygienic, with the possibilities of new colour tones and decorative patterns. 
Tridimensional textures on the back side (which can be etched at user’s request), only visible with a lit system, permit to generate other plays of light.  
The finishing profiles’ design of Corian highlights its organic shape and its volume, conferring a line fluidity which is a byword of elegance. 
Cladding profiles in Corian prevent from the direct dazzling phenomenon: they are available in a rounded shape  – obtained through thermoforming and in a flat line – obtained from the thickness of the material.
The building solution of the flat line version in Corian permits the elimination of the corner joints: 45° / 90° connections, which have limited the designer’s freedom of imagination for so long, give space to continuous monolithic shapes.